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With a beautiful backdrop and a history like Newport, RI it's no wonder that it has a such a diverse selection of art galleries. In town you'll find everything from simple decorative pieces to century-old masterpieces by some of New England's best artists.
Blink Gallery
478 Thames Street
Newport RI (401)619-3717
DeBlois Gallery
138 Bellevue Avenue
Newport RI (401)847-9977
Harbor Fine Arts
134 Spring Street
Newport RI (401)848-9711
Isherwood Gallery
108 William Street
Newport RI (401)619-1116
Onne van der Wal Photography Gallery
One Bannister's Wharf
Newport RI (401)849-5556
Sheldon Fine Art
59 America's Cup Avenue
Newport RI (401)849-0030
Spring Bull Gallery
55 Bellevue Avenue
Newport RI (401)849-9166