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hotels and inns in Newport RI

Since the early colonial days when pineapples and fresh fruit were placed in homes to welcome sailors after long voyages at sea, Newport RI and its signature pineapple have evoked a feeling of warm hospitality. Today, there are hundreds of choices when it comes to accommodations in the city by the sea. Whether you prefer the intimacy of a small bed and breakfast, a full-service hotel or anything in between, you will find something to suit your tastes in Newport. We've separated our listings into 2 categories for your convenience:

  • Newport, RI Hotels and Resorts: accommodations with a large number of rooms and amenities available to guests. Chains and large independent hotels are listed here.
  • Newport, RI Inns and B&B's: establishments that are smaller than hotels but larger than individual homes. Generally you can expect private baths and some amenities found at larger establishments.

Featured Lodging in Newport RI

The Pell - JDV by Hyatt

425 East Main Rd
Middletown, RI

  • This hotel is BRAND NEW top to bottom, and has a fantastic onsite Helmway restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner/cocktails daily
  • BOOK YOUR STAY THROUGH THIS LINK AND SAVE 10% on your room stay!
  • Located just minutes from downtown Newport, historic mansions and area beaches
  • Graciously-appointed guestrooms feature free WIFI, elegantly-designed bathrooms with glass showers, easy on-site full breakfast and plenty of free parking
  • Let The Pell be your quiet, restful getaway at night from the crowds of downtown Newport

To assist you in determining the cost of your stay in Newport, we suggest you use the following price range guidelines. Please keep in mind there are extremes as well. Smaller motels outside of Newport may be more inexpensive and also some of the high-end resorts in town may be more expensive. These are simply estimates to help you plan your travel expenses.

  • Average Hotel Cost for Newport, RI during: January - May - between $200 - $450 per night
  • Average Hotel Cost for Newport, RI during: June - August - between $500 and $1000 per night
  • Average Hotel Cost for Newport, RI during: September - December - between $300 - $450 per night

Making your vacation plans on the edge of the high season can really add up to big savings on hotel stays in Newport. Keep in mind that the months of September and October in Newport are still quite warm, reaching well into the 70's most days. It's also a fantastic time to go sailing, as the harbor is less crowded, the ocean temperature is still in the mid 60's, and the warm fall breeze makes for an unforgettable day on the water.

The same weather is true for the months of May and June, although a little less predictable than fall. The long days of May and June make for more time to explore the mansions, Cliff Walk, shopping and other attractions on the island. It's also a little cooler, so it's a great time for things like biking, hiking and riding the rails on the train tracks running the length of the island- not to mention the natural beauty this time of year, with just about everything in sight flowering and putting on a show for visitors.