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With a beautiful backdrop and a history like Newport, it's no wonder that it has a such a diverse selection of beautiful unique jewelry. You'll find everything from simple decorative pieces to upscale costume pieces and beyond, many with ocean and coastal-inspired elements.

Estate Jewelry

Where Newport really shines is the amazing selection of estate jewelry you'll find in the area, with many pieces picked up at auctions in the mansion district. Estate pieces may be over a hundred years old, originating from anywhere across the globe. Most pieces are unique, custom creations that really make a statement.

Artisan Jewelry

Newport's coastal enclave is home to many artisan jewelers who have been crafting the finest in gold and silver creations for years, showcasing the city and natural coastal themes through their imaginative designs. Jewelry boutiques often feature select designers and their recent collections in their stores, offering visitors a unique pallette of designs and styles from which to choose.

Costume Jewelry

Just because Newport is home to mansions and fine hotels doesn't mean that we don't have access to some of the finest costume jewelry creations available. Rhode Island is often considered the jewelry capital of the United States, and the neighboring capital city of Providence has been home to some of the finest manufacturers for over a hundred years. Companies producing the finest crystals and home accents like Swarovski have called Rhode Island home since 1895. So even if your budget doesn't allow for gemstones and fine metals, you can still find a striking piece of jewelry here in Newport.

alloy gallery modern gold and silver jewelry newport riAlloy Gallery
125 Bellevue Avenue
Newport (401)619-2265

Alloy Gallery is a showplace of contemporary jewelry and the studio of RISD-trained artist Tamar Kern. Founded in 2005, Alloy Gallery showcases great design and expert craftsmanship to enhance your feelings of beauty and sense of style.

breakell custom gold and silver jewelry newport riJ.H. Breakell & Co.
215 Goddard Row, Brick Market
Newport (800)767-6411

With over 50 years in business, J.H. Breakell has really set the standard for artisan-crafted sterling silver and 14K gold pieces. Noted for their whimsical and fun designs, these folks are true experts at creating a feeling of joy when beholding their work. If you can't make it to Newport, no problem - their website sells their designs online!

Athalia of Newport
26 Franklin Street
Newport RI (401)619-5639
Grenon's of Newport
210 Bellevue Avenue
Newport RI (401)846-0598
Loren Hope
86 William Street
Newport RI (401)619-0330
Love Shack Newport by LOLA
400 Thames Street, Suite 5
Newport RI (401)6198316
Newport Silver Company
105 Thames Street
Newport RI (401)849-1039
Platinum House
137 Swinburne Row, Brick Marketplace
Newport RI (401)848-7528
Portobello Jewelers
211 Goddard Row, Brick Marketplace
Newport RI (401)846-4137
Saltzman Watches
4 Commercial Wharf
Newport RI (401)841-0011
Three Golden Apples
140 Bellevue Avenue
Newport RI (401)846-9930