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Great Breakfast Spots in Newport RI

Newport has its share of traditional breakfast fare, but it also has another side. From basic eggs and bacon to filet mignon and lobster, your choices when it comes to the day's first meal are virtually endless. We've listed all of our favorite breakfast spots, and a couple of choices for a great Sunday brunch.

Bishop's 4th Street Diner
184 Admiral Kalbfus Rd
Newport, RI (401) 847-2069

It's a little off the beaten path from downtown Newport, but if you head to the rotary beneath the Newport Bridge (at the far end of the Point neighborhood) you'll find an authentic stainless steel beauty featuring all your diner favorites. A great little place to stop in on your way out of town or before heading to the beach for the day!
Coffee Grinder
33 Bannister's Wharf
Newport, RI (401)847-9307

At the very end of Bannister's Wharf, with adirondack chairs and beautiful views of the harbor. A great choice if location is more important than the meal or if you eat a light breakfast. Serving coffee, lattes, and baked goods/pastries. A fun place to start your day in Newport.
Corner Café
110 Broadway
Newport, RI (401)846-0606

Located next to the police station on Broadway, this place is a classic breakfast joint with great food at reasonable prices. Consistently busy, especially on weekend mornings so try to get there early!
Franklin Spa
229 Spring Street
Newport, RI (401)847-3540

A Newport breakfast tradition. Get there early on weekends in the summer to avoid the rush and enjoy classic breakfast fare with daily specials. Fun diner-like atmosphere with friendly staff. Also serving lunch.
Gary's Handy Lunch
462 Thames Street
Newport, RI (401)847-9480

A local's hangout offering classic diner fare in a fun 50's retro environment. All your favorite breakfast items are here, and if you sleep a little later than expected, you can grab lunch instead. Check the daily specials- our favorite is the shepherd's pie.
Jonathan's Café
22 Washington Square
Newport, RI (401)846-6060

Serious coffee drinkers take note- this is your spot for great coffee/latté/espresso since they microroast and grind the beans daily. Fun and lively atmosphere serving up breakfast and lunch daily. Standard fare is complemented by a host of homemade soups, cakes, and desserts. A good choice for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up of latté and a snack.
Lorusso's Café
580 Thames Street
Newport, RI (401)849-1750

Classic breakfast and lunch fare with an Italian twist on some favorites like eggs benedict and others featuring ricotta and arugula. Eat in or get delicious treats from the bakery to go. Great food AND plenty of parking! Towards the end of Thames Street.

Sunday Brunch in Newport RI

Bay Voyage Inn, 150 Conanicus Avenue, Jamestown, (401)423-2100 (voted best in R.I.)

Caleb & Broad, 162 Broadway, Newport, (401)619-5955. (the chicken & waffles with grand marnier syrup has a real following here)

Castle Hill Inn and Resort, 590 Ocean Drive, Newport, (401)849-3800. (proper attire required)

Perro Salado, 19 Charles Street, Newport, (401)619-4777. (casual atmosphere offering classics with a Mexican twist)